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Festivalgelände Wiesn

Schöllingstraße 1, Wiesn

High quality festivals since 1976

Wiesen is a small village in the eastern part of Austria without any special points of interest. Apart from being largest strawberry growing town it’s just like any other town in sleepy Burgenland.

In 1976 a group of Jazz friends started to organise an international Jazz festival. Since that time the summer months in Wiesen were never the same again. Wiesen first became the temporary home of Jazz fans. Some 10 years later a reggae festival joined the scene and step by step the summer was packed with different kinds of music festivals: from world music to rock, punk, electronic and hip hop. By that time the infrastructure of the venue and camping site improved too. From humble beginnings of building up a tent for one Jazz festival once a year it became a modern festival venue with the best infrastructure.

Despite the ever growing and expanding concert and event scene Wiesen remains unique because of that special kind of atmosphere. Many large and small chapters have contributed to shaping the history of this uncompromising “trademark“ and helped to make it unique.

In the upcoming years the young enterprise Arcadia Live GmbH will leave its mark on Wiesen’s history. In addition to well known festivals plenty of new and innovative events will enter the Wiesen stage. We are looking forward to a new chapter of Austria’s festival culture, come and join us!

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