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Spectral Wound play black metal: furious, unadulterated and unadorned. Shorn of facile
nature worship, fantasies of power, or the grasping spiritualism of transcendence, all
that remains is the terror of the flesh and the roar of the whirling void. Thirst,
decadence, dread. Against bios, against life.

Spectral Wound formed in 2014 in Montreal, Québec, as a vessel of self-negation and
existential dread, melding the raw fury of traditional black metal with the melodic
sensibilities of Finnish and Québécois BM. After forging their sound over 2015’s Terra
Nullius (Arcane Angels) and 2018’s Infernal Decadence (Vendetta), the band joined
Profound Lore Records and released A Diabolic Thirst in 2021, a further distillation of the
ferocity and towering, exultant melancholy that is Spectral Wound. This year they embark on a „Summer of diabolic pain and darkness“ EU/UK Tour, playing famous festivals like Copenhell or Brutal Assault, with a few headlining club shows between, one of them in Vienna!

Support: MORBIDE

Morbide is unfiltered, horror inspired RawPunk based in the catacombs of Vienna.

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